Tentative Schedule of Lectures ())Continuous-Time(( Topics): EECS 144/244, Fall 2014

November 2014

2014/11/03 (Mon):
  • 2:30-4: Modelling continuous-time systems using differential-algebraic equations. What a circuit is. KCL, KVL and BCRs with simple linear examples. Linearity. A simple circuit with a nonlinear element (diode).

2014/11/05 (Wed): (class given 2014/11/04 5-6:30)
  • 2:30-4: Nonlinear circuits. Nodal and modified nodal analysis with examples. Writing circuit equations in standard DAE form. Mechanical equation example in standard DAE form; chemical reactions as reaction-rate differential equations. Standard DAE form with inputs and outputs.

2014/11/10 (Mon):
  • 2:30-5: Jacobian matrices and their importance. Glimpse of parsing and equation setup. DC analysis and the ))Newton-Raphson(( method. Solving linear equations (Ax=b) numerically. Sparsity and its importance.

2014/11/12 (Wed):
2014/11/17 (Mon):

2014/11/19 (Wed):
2014/11/24 (Mon):

2014/11/26 (Wed):
December 2014

2014/12/01 (Mon):

2014/12/03 (Wed):